Founded in 1985, Dekel, Inc. has grown to become a leading tile and natural stone subcontractor in the southwest region. Our stone fabrication facility in Tempe, with its modern machinery and qualified personnel, is recognized as one of the best in Arizona. The expertise of our tile division is well known in the construction industry. We take deep commitment to quality, detail and modern construction techniques.

Our clients are personally handled and supervised by one of the partners. Because of our one-firm and partner- accessibility concept, our clients have the resources of all the partners and professionals available to them. Working from our Arizona, Nevada and California offices, our company serves General Contractors engaged in medium size and large scale construction projects. We have completed numerous contracts in various segments of industry and non-profit organizations. We have been involved in construction projects of hotels, schools, office buildings, retail stores and health care facilities among others.
Through our highly qualified workforce, we have the commitment, capacity and experience to provide quality work in a timely fashion at competitive prices

We appreciate your providing us with the opportunity to introduce our company to you. If you require more information about our company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mauricio Zagorin
LIC#110463-L48, #119073-B01, #119074-B